meet the team

Our team of golf specialists led by Brad A Schadewitz and Leo Tong can offer assessment, high performance training, coaching of swing mechanics and biomechanics, nutrition, and mental strategy - to provide you with practical solutions for ball control and long-term game improvement.


Brad A Schadewitz - Head Of Golf Instruction

As the Lead Coach and former National Coach of Hong Kong Golf Association, as well as, recent winner in the 2017 Top 25 Elite Junior Coach in USA, Brad is one of the most prolific and passionate coaches in Golf. His most notable success has been coaching the first player ever to represent Hong Kong in the Olympics Games.


Leo Tong - Head of Specialized Fitness

As our golf-fitness performance specialist with over 12 years of industry experience, Leo is known for his highly customised approach to well-rounded fitness and sports performance training. 


Jason Kwok - Golf Instructor

Founder and Head Professional of the award winning J&J Golf Academy, Jason has always been at the forefront in keeping his instruction philosophy current with the new trends in golf biomechanics used by the top players of the PGA Tour along with providing state of the art teaching and training equipment for his students.